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Creative Tube Installs an Automatic Circular Sawing Machine

Monday, January 28, 2002
Cutting Systems Inc., Burlington, Ontario Canada, North America agent for the DutchSaws line of metal-cutting and finishing equipment, has installed a fully automatic circular-sawing machine at Creative Tube, Jacksboro, TN. Creative Tube offers the tube and pipe industry services including punching, forming, bending and cutting. Its new circular sawing machine, a Model RCH 90-M, includes a 3-ton bundle loader, 10-foot discharge table, PLC control, and a mist lubrication system for quick blade cooling. Learn more at

PA Service Center Now Produces Close-Tolerance Blanks from Coil

Friday, January 25, 2002
Thanks to its new Red Bud high-speed multi-cut blanking line, Genmak Steel, LLC, Sharon, PA, now boasts increased ability to compete in the market for smaller close-tolerance blanks. The firm recognized a market shift that required it to deliver more accuracy with quicker setups, so that it could produce close-tolerance blanks directly from coil. The new Red Bud line includes a CNC programmable slitter, digital positioning system that locates top and bottom knives, and a strip stacker.

Expanded Metals Website Upgraded

Friday, January 25, 2002
Niles Expanded Metals, Niles, OH, has updated it website and now offers the ability to view application photos, read up on the latest industry news for expanded metal products and technologies, check order status, request on-line quotes and more. Check it out at


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