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Noise Control: OSHA Backs Down

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Scrapped—a proposed enforcement policy from OSHA that would have authorized citations any time “feasible administrative and engineering controls” are not used to reduce noise to acceptable levels, when it is shown that the controls are capable of being implemented. Several months ago, OSHA asked for feedback on the policy change regarding workplace noise-exposure controls, based on a new interpretation of the term "feasible administrative or engineering controls." Now, based on concerns raised about the proposal and “possible costs associated with improving worker protection” to accommodate the proposed changes,” says a spokesperson, OSHA has decided to withdraw the proposed interpretation. So, under current enforcement policy, OSHA will continue to issue citations to companies that fail to use said controls only when the controls cost less than a hearing-conservation program, or if the equipment is ineffective.

Laser Welding Aluminum Magazines
for Military, Commercial Rifles

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), Farmington, CT, a manufacturer of precision parts for the firearms, defense, medical and aerospace industries, has developed an aluminum magazine for use in military and commercial rifles that, according to the firm, is the first aluminum magazine to be fabricated using laser welding. Compared to the more typical resistance-welding process, laser welding improves weld strength, durability and consistency. Learn more about CSS at

New CMM Will Help Metalformer Meet
Process-Control Requirements of the Future

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
“Our quality strategy is based on the assumption that process-control requirements will increase in the future,” says Cindy Porter, corporate director of quality for McGregor Metalworking Companies, Springfield, OH, commenting on the firm’s latest acquisition: a Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage DCC vertical coordinate-measuring machine. The company recently installed the machine, with a measuring envelope of 59 by 87 by 39 in., to take speed and accuracy (2.5 microns) to a new level, basing its investment decision not only on current requirements but on future needs. Read up on the Brown & Sharpe CMM here; learn more about the five McGregor Metalworking facilities at


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