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Mark Concepts Gains QS-9000 Certification

Friday, January 16, 2004
Metal fabricator and stamper Mark Concepts, Inc., Dayton, OH, has earned QS-9000 certification, adding to its ISO 9002 registration earned in 1998. The firm operates a tool shop, CNC turret presses, shears, coil feeders and straighteners, NC press brakes to 100 tons, arc-welding booths, 19 stamping presses to 525 tons, and an assembly plant. It’s online at

Hobart Institute Offers Course for Robot Operators

Friday, January 16, 2004
The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, OH, has introduced a new course for robot operators, designed to give programmers and operators the basics in welding technology needed to reduce reject rates and increase hourly output of good welded parts. The 1-week course, Welding Introduction for Robot Operators and Programmers, emphasizes hands-on skill training with solid wire and metal-cored wire, to learn the effects of process variables such as electrode extension, electrode angles, weld travel speed, welding current and voltage, shielding gas and wire diameter. The institute can also bring the course on the road, to a corporate location. Learn more at

Tier One Suppliers Flocking to Alabama
to be Close to Hyundai

Thursday, January 15, 2004
The AP reported earlier this week that Hyundai Motor Co. officials expect at least eight primary suppliers to soon set up shop in Alabama, joining the 15 that have previously announced their intentions to do so. The moves create links in the supply chain for the new Hyundai plant under construction in Birmingham, AL, scheduled to open early in 2005. The report estimates that the 23 suppliers will employ more than 4000 people.


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