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Canadian Appliance Supplier to Open Plant in Saltillo

Monday, January 11, 2010
Kromet Intl., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, a manufacturer of appliance handles and trim components fabricated from aluminum and steel, plans to open a manufacturing plant in Saltillo. The company signed an agreement with shelter-service provider The Offshore Group, Tucson, AZ, to rent 30,000-35,000 sq. ft. of industrial space at the Saltillo La Angostura Industrial Park. Kromet performs these and other processes: extruding, rollforming, machining, fabricating, assembly, powder painting and anodizing;

Batesville Tool & Die Upgrades ERP Software
to Integrate with its Mexican Plant

Monday, January 11, 2010
Plex Systems, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI, announced that automotive metalforming company Batesville Tool & Die, Inc. has integrated the Plex Online ERP software platform with its programmable logic controls (PLCs) of stamping presses at its plants in Batesville, IN, and in Queretaro, Mexico. While the company has been using Plex Online since 2006, its custom software developed to integrate with presses in Indiana did not integrate with presses at its Mexican facility. Batesville worked with Plex Systems and its partner Kors Engineering to deploy a new module to replace the custom software. Integrating the software with PLCs supports a more efficient manufacturing process, say Batesville officials, by automating functions such as label printing when parts containers become full. Learn more about Batesville Tool & Die at; Plex Systems is online at

Belgian Stamper Adds Coil-Fed Servo-Press Line

Friday, January 8, 2010
Auto-part supplier Penne, a Belgian manufacturer of “next-generation” windshield wipers, has installed a Schuler PSE2-315 servo press for blanking and forming, rated to 100 strokes/min. and with a press force of 350 tons. Bed size: 120 by 50 in. The coil line has a capacity of 6 tons, coil diameter to 70 in. and width to 30 in. The line also includes a lifting platform, six-roller straightening machine, threading aid and coil-loop bridge. The roll feed includes a perforation-control unit that allows the programming of different feed lengths. Learn more about Schuler’s ServoDirect technology at


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