Servo-Mechanical and Other Presses

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Servo-mechanical and other presses
Brown Boggs Foundry & Machine Co., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will introduce its servo-mechanical press design, which complements the company’s range of stamping presses. The company produces mechanical presses from 40 to 1000 tons and hydraulic presses to 1500 tons. Bed sizes max out at 240 in. left to right and 108 in. front to back.

These include the OBI/OBG series of mechanical, servo-mechanical and hydraulic presses; the ST2 gap-frame series of mechanical and servo-mechanical presses; SS2 straightside crank and eccentric-shaft mechanical presses; SS4 eccentric-shaft and servo-mechanical presses; and the company’s Hi-Pro straightside mechanical presses.


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