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Miniature Sensors Withstand High Pressure

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contrinex, Old Saybrook, CT, has developed its Series E range of miniature sensors that can withstand as much as 300 psi continuously on their front face.-Available in 4-mm, M5, 6.5-mm and M8 sizes, the devices can be embedded in pressurized systems to detect moving elements or targets.

A typical application would be gear-tooth detection for speed or position control in gearboxes, dispensing and water pumps, and similar equipment. In addition to their high degree of sealing, the sensors have a rapid 5-KHz switched output that is essential for reliable counting.

Another application is in pneumatic systems to detect piston positions within cylinders. Where cylinders are subject to high vibration and shock, conventional reed-switch feedback often is not suitable, while the Series E sensors provide a stable and positive controlled feedback in the most severe vibration conditions.

The sensing face of the Series E sensors is of sapphire on the 4-mm and M5 versions, and of thick ceramic on the 6.5-mm and M8 models—as opposed to the conventional plastic front face found on many sensors.

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