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New Press Control Enables Higher-Speed CNC Punching

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Fanuc FA America, Hoffman Estates, IL, introduces the 30i/31i-P model B high-speed punch-press controls, capable of supporting new levels of punching and nibbling rates in CNC punch presses. Fanuc CNCs provide up to 8 MB of high-capacity, nonvolatile internal memory available to store as many as 4000 large nested part programs. Slots are provided for ATA or Compact Flash memory cards that can add an additional 2 GB of part-program storage. Any commercially available USB storage device also can be connected to store and transfer large programs. A Fast Data Server can be installed in the CNC providing up to 4 GB of Flash memory and a 100-GBit Ethernet connection. A high-speed, error-immune fiberoptic connection between the CNC and an integrated PC front-end allows the hard disk be used for part-program storage.

The Series 30i/31i-P model B CNCs include an embedded Ethernet interface that allows the user to integrate the CNC control into a company network for data collection or for high-speed part-program transfers. Worldwide links can be set up via the Internet to enable remote diagnosis and maintenance. Because the Ethernet interface does not use a public operating system, it is practically hacker-free and immune to viruses.

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