Wireless Pressure-Monitoring System for Gas Springs

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fibro, Inc.
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Fibro will feature its newly developed wireless pressure-monitoring system (WPM) for real-time process control and monitoring of gas springs for conditions in which cable or tube-reliant systems reach their technical boundaries or are simply uneconomical.

The WPM system monitors the temperature and pressure in gas springs that are internal to the dies. Its coordinator and sensors constantly send wireless data to the customer-designated Windows-based system. Custom software analyzes the data, locates the appropriate gas spring and initializes the necessary process control and preemptive maintenance steps.


• Around-the-clock monitoring and documentation

• Alert to defects, avoiding production of faulty parts

• Preemptive erosion detection and targeted troubleshooting

• Prevention of downtime and secondary failures

• Minimization of leakage points

• Streamlined construction and assembly

• Optimized custom maintenance and reduction of maintenance and repair costs


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