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Cutting Equipment Comes Complete with Safety Apparatus

Friday, August 1, 2014

CNC cutting equipment has safety control optionsCNC cutting-equipment (router, plasma, laser and waterjet) manufacturer MultiCam, Dallas, TX, has added additional safety-control options to its product line. Included: light curtains, safety mats and laser-safety eyewear.

Light curtains are photoelectric transmitters that cast infrared light beams to a receiver unit around the MultiCam machine. They act as a personal safety device by stopping the cutting sequence once an object or person crosses the beams. At start-up, the machine automatically checks for any safety faults and will issue either a safe status or a warning.

Safety mats are fitted around the machine to provide a safe area for operators to enter when needing to stop motion and close the mechanical shutter. Lastly, special eyewear is encouraged for operators and other personnel that will provide additional protection for the eyes during laser operation.

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