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40-Input Die-Protection Module

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cieco Inc., Clinton, PA, has introduced a new die-protection module for its Automator II press controller that offers as many as 40 sensor inputs—more than twice as many as originally offered—providing customers with more flexible sensor-monitoring capabilities. Each of the 40 sensors can be individually programmed and each bank of eight sensors can be programmed to be global. If a bank of sensors, for example, is programmed for part-out, end of coil, stock buckle, etc., and these settings are the same for each die run in the press, then this bank of sensors can be programmed globally (applied to each job). This eliminates the repetitive programming for each tool programmed in the press.

The Automator II will detect a sensor fault and display the sensor name and type. The sensor fault will be time-stamped and put into fault history for later date information sourcing.

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