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Dual Robots, Faster Positioner Boost Weld-Cell Productivity

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
The Motoman (Dayton, OH) ArcWorld IV-6200 robotic welding cell features dual EA1900N or SSA2000 Expert Arc welding robots with multiple robot control; a high-speed ferris-wheel positioner; integrated welding
Dual robots, faster positioner boost weld-cell productivity
package; operator interface; and a total safety environment. Independent drives on each of the three positioner axes allows the operator to index the load station or allows both stations to turn while the positioner sweeps, saving cycle time. The application-specific welding robots feature integrated through-the-arm torch cabling, which allows access into tight spaces, eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and minimizes cable wear.

The newest member of the Expert Arc robot family is the SSA2000, reportedly the world’s fastest arc-welding robot.

The MRM2-250/750M3X positioner is available with 551- or 1650-lb. payload capacity, and index in 1.5 or 2.25 sec. respectively. It’s available in standard lengths of 2 and 3 m between mounting surfaces, but can easily be extended.

Motoman, Inc.: 937/847-6200;


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