Link Servo Presses to 2500 Tons

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Amino debuts its link servo presses, which combine
Link Servo Presses to 2500 tons
fully controllable servo-motor drives, special drive shafts and double toggle link mechanisms to provide a variety of forming motions with variable speed, stroke and torque control. Presses are available from 300 to 2500 tons. Also on display: the AC-DRM series of die-spotting presses (30 to 200 tons), which allow a single operator to safely disassemble, manipulate, repair and reassemble upper and lower dies while working in a natural, upright position. Centrally rotating the slide maintains a high degree of accuracy and reduces maintenance requirements, and the open upper frame (crown) design facilitates direct crane loading of the upper die to the mounting surface.


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