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Fourth-Generation Robots Faster and More Flexible Than Ever

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
ABB Robotics, Auburn Hills, MI, introduces the IRB 2600, the latest model in its medium-capacity range of
Fourth-Generation Robots faster and more flexible
multipurpose robots, particularly suited for machine-tending applications. The robot features an optimized, compact design, an ultra-wide working range and a payload capacity to 20 kg.

Features include flexible mounting to enable optimized cell designs. Mount the robot on the floor, wall, inverted or on a shelf, helping to reduce floorspace requirements. Featuring a total arm weight of less than 300 kg and reportedly occupying less floor space than other robots in its class, working range is optimized—the arm can easily reach down below its own base, allowing for smaller production cells and furthering the efficient use of valuable manufacturing space.

Path accuracy and positional precision enhance flexibility and allow the IRB 2600 to be both a machine-tending robot and a process-validation robot.

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