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Fab Shop Adds Fiber-Laser Cutting Machine, Press Brake

Friday, May 1, 2015

Weaver Fab & Finishing, Akron, OH, a precision metal fabricator and powder coater, has installed an Amada FLC 3015 AJ 2-kW laser-cutting machine equipped with an Amada ASLUL 300 six-shelf automated material-handling system. The ASLUL tower conserves floor space since it occupies space directly above the laser’s shuttle table. Weaver also added to its shop an Amada HG 1003 servo-hydraulic press brake.

The FLC 3015 AJ, capable of cutting numerous material types including brass, copper and titanium, features a flying-optics design that promotes optimum productivity and accuracy at high cutting speeds. Its dynamic motion system reportedly achieves acceleration and traverse speeds comparable to those from linear-drive motion systems.

The HG 1003 dual servo-powered (DSP) press brake features a newly enhanced, highly rigid frame with a larger open height than other machines in its class, according to Amada officials. Increased distance between the tooling and greater stroke length provides a larger processing area, enabling deep-box bending and easing part extraction.

Weaver Fab & Finishing also announced plans to move into a new 46,000-sq.-ft. facility.


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