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Safety Training Gets a Boost at Alabama's Robotics Technology Park

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Phase I of the Robotics Technology Park (RTP), in Tanner, AL, which opened in 2010, has commissioned a 52,000-sq.-ft. Robotic Maintenance Training Center. Included is safety training, on apparatus provided by Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc.—safety mats, light curtains, interlock switches and perimeter guarding. Phase I encompasses three robotic welding cells, eight single-robot workcells, and a robotic assembly line comprising seven robots, a conveyor system and an automatic-guided vehicle—all guarded by Omron safety equipment.

Phase II of the RTP encompasses a 30,000-sq.-ft. Advanced Technology Research and Development Center, which will be used by NASA and the U.S. Army Missile Command for R & D. Phase III will welcome an Integration and Entrepreneurial Center, where companies will build and adapt robots for new industries and where start-up companies will be able to set up and test new robotic lines, integrate software and equipment and train maintenance and production staff.

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