Ultra-Thin Titanium Strip for Medical Enclosures

Saturday, September 01, 2012

   Conventional hot-rolled Ti 6/4                      Cold-rolled annealed Ti 6/4
Ametek Specialty Metal Products, Wallingford, CT, announces the availability of Ti 6/4 ELI (extra low interstitials) Grade 23 titanium strip as thin as 0.004 in. The ultra-thin strip offers improved ductility and formability compared to conventional alloys, making it ideal for medical applications such as pacemakers and neurostimulator enclosures.

Ametek’s proprietary technology, the company says, utilizes a cold-rolling and annealing process that yields titanium strip with outstanding microstructure characteristics and improved tensile strength and formability properties. Cold rolling eliminates the need to grind away as much as 50 percent of the starting material to achieve ultra-thin strip. It also eliminates the chance for embedding grinding material on the surface of the finished strip. Also, the annealing process minimizes hydrogen content and removes residual stresses.

Ti 6/4 ELI titanium alloy strip is available in sheets to 6 in. wide, up to 0.015 in. thick.

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