New Website Aims to Transfer Steel Technology to the Automotive Industry

Thursday, September 01, 2011
>>>>>The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), Detroit, MI, has launched a new website designed to share steel-intensive solutions with the automotive, construction and container industries. The new site,, provides information about the North American steel industry’s market applications; research and reports on new product advancements; and the industry’s commitment to sustainability. >>>>Highlights of the website include:>>>>• Updates on advanced high-strength steel research in the automotive market, including new technologies being used in body structures, wheels, bumpers and fuel tanks; >>>>• Access to research, design aids and training opportunities in the construction market; and>>>>• Expanded focus on the environmental and sustainable advantages of steel. >>>A global navigation bar at the top of the site’s homepage enables visitors to move across a network of steel-related websites, including those for the Steel Recycling Institute, Autosteel and the American Iron and Steel Institute. >


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