Clamping Nut Provides Force with Minimum Torque

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Hilma Div. of Carr Lane Roemheld, Ellisville, MO, introduces
Clamping nut provides force with minimum torque
a hydraulic-mechanical clamping nut designed for clamping dies on rolling bolsters, press beds and slides. It proves useful on machine-tool beds when available space is limited and maximum clamping force is required, or when a hydraulic unit or hoses to clamps are unavailable or not practical.

The nut provides high clamping forces with minimal torque. The T-bolt extends through the clamping nut, and the part is adaptable to different clamping heights and tolerances. Suitable for retrofitting, the nut provides simple manual clamping and unclamping.

The part comes in three sizes, with clamping forces from 13,400 to 33,700 lb. Safety features include a built-in preload indicator.

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