Tube Fabricator Adds New Bender, Inspection Machine

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Harco Metal Products, Tempe, AZ, a supplier of fabricated tubular components and assemblies, has upgraded its capabilities by acquiring a Wafios BMZ 42 tube bender and an Accurex TubeInspect HD inspection machine. The Wafios bender forms tube to 12.7-mm dia. by 1-mm wall thickness; its bending head enables left and right bending operations in one clamping, for the production of complicated 2D and 3D workpieces in one pass.

The Accurex 3D tube-measurement system employs eight overhead cameras for quick, automated inspection and includes software that provides a complete analysis of tube shape and profile to deliver direct feedback to CNC bending machines for quick correction of out-of-specification parts.


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