Fiber-Laser Technology at Bystronic's Fabtech Booth

Saturday, January 1, 2011
At Fabtech 2010, Bystronic, Hauppauge, NY, introduced the BySprint Fiber 3015, a high-power fiber-laser cutting machine based on the BySprint Pro platform. The machine marks the company’s first
Fiber-Laser Technology
production-series model of a laser-cutting system employing fiber-laser technology. Equipped with a 2-kW Fiber 2000 fiber laser, the BySprint Fiber 3015 is powerful enough to cut steel and stainless steel, as well as aluminum and other nonferrous materials such as copper and brass. It can process thin-gauge sheetmetal as well as plate to ½ in. thick.

The laser beam is transported to the cutting head through a passive fiber, as opposed to the deflection mirror systems employed by CO2 lasers. The result is lower operating and maintenance costs, in addition to significant energy savings. The specially designed cutting head is available in several configurations, with focal lengths of 100 and 150mm. The laser source and the chiller are integrated into the equipment control console, conserving floor space.

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