New Press-Brake Lineup Offers a Variety of Feature Combinations

Sunday, August 01, 2010
> >>>New Press-Brake Lineup Offers >> >>a Variety of Feature >>>>>>>>>New Press-Brake Lineup>>>>>>>>>The Smart machine is an entry-level three-axis CNC unit with an optional fourth axis, offering advanced proportional-valve control that synchronizes the hydraulic cylinders to optimize parallelism. It also offers automatic tonnage and stroke adjustment. >>>>The Puma model comes standard with four axes, with additional axes optional, and includes a more sophisticated 15-in. 2D color touchscreen control and more ram and backgauge speed. >>>>Finally, the Tiger model comes standard with six axes and includes CNC crowning, linear guided front sheet supports, 15-in. stroke and 200-mm/sec. ram speed.>>>>>>MC Machinery Systems: 630/616-5920; >>>>>


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