Lincoln Upgrades Welding Machine

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH, has upgraded two of its most popular Power Mig machines. The Power MIG 215XT now is spool-gun ready, and the Power MIG 255XT now comes standard with timer functions for increased welding control.
Upgrade Welding Machine

The spool-gun-ready Power MIG 215XT is compatible with the Magnum 100SG spool gun, which features a factory-installed toggle switch that allows either for spool-gun or push-gun operation, is designed for auto-body and sheetmetal-fabrication work. The machine also offers the option to upgrade spool guns to handle medium- or heavy-duty applications. The Power MIG 255XT is designed for welding in industrial production, job-shop fabrication, maintenance and repair work. Additionally, 255XT offers 115-V auxiliary power to power lights, grinders and chargers.

The machine’s new standard timer functions add a four-step interlock, spot mode, adjustable run-in speed for smoother arc starting and adjustable burnback time to minimize sticking.

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